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The first ever TorchTalks event, launches in London!!

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  • April 16, 2014

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Launching TorchTalks!

Launching TorchTalks!



MindTorch is the only non-profit organisation actively connecting Medical Doctors, Scientists and Pharmaceutical experts with students with the aim of fostering collaboration across organisations to build relationships that will solve healthcare problems.



MindTorch reached a new milestone in the UK with the launch of its TorchTalks initiative on March 19th 2014 in London with the generous support of King’s Food and King’s College London.


TorchTalks are MindTorch’s quarterly seminars featuring keynote speakers from diverse fields. They are a theme-based series of talks by inspiring members, and leaders from the academic, medical and scientific industries. This will facilitate collaboration, sharing knowledge and real life – mentoring stories that will inspire science and collaboration on our journey to success. The theme of our first seminar was mentoring and knowledge-sharing experiences.


The Speakers

The Speakers

The evening launch program featured keynote addresses by a number of prominent Scientists, Inventors and Medical Doctors, including Professor Susan Standring, Editor-in-Chief, Gray’s Anatomy, Mr Andrew Alalade, Neurosurgeon and Emily Cummins, Inventor and Woman of the year 2009.


MindTorch mentors and Mentees interacted directly with each other – thereby bringing our virtual community to life. Delegates also had the chance to meet each other as new professionals from different fields and draw out new initiatives for scientific progress.


Our Guests

Our Guests


“We are so grateful for the extraordinary support we have already received from renowned Leaders and MindTorch Mentors and Mentees, Universities and  government agencies,  the media, and of course the exceptional contribution of MindTorch Mentors, Mentees, Advisors and Team members, who came from around the UK to network and share their vision for success,” Elizabeth Adelodun – Neuroscientist & Founder, MindTorch.


We were truly mentored by our speakers from the Medical & Scientific fields, who shared their inspiring stories with us.




From our Guests:

“Excellent talks, really inspiring stories! Well Done!” – Dr. Rozanna Slade, MindTorch Mentor

“Fantastic, insightful. First class production and delivery.” – Dr. Dami Haastrup

“Very humble, down-to-earth and highly accomplished speakers.” – Dr. Dami Haastrup

“Great time @ MindTorch!” – Mrs Busola Adefala

“WOW! All the Best!” – MindTorch Mentee


Connect with us for more information on our next TorchTalks event in June 2014.


The Team

The Team

Sponsors of TorchTalks:



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