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Success Stories

what Students, Mentors and Advisors say...

"My mentor has been very helpful in kick-starting my career as a Science Communicator. She had lots of brilliant ideas for me and introduced me to new people and opportunities"

- Ms Megha Kishore

"Few people have the opportunity to be mentored by great minds- I am one of the lucky ones to have found MindTorch. Elizabeth has been a great mentor to me. She has helped me to navigate challenges associated with being a PhD student. The mentoring I have been receiving from Elizabeth since starting my PhD has exposed me to opportunities that would kick start my future career in global health research whilst networking with great minds. As founder of MindTorch, her selflessness and dedication to making people’s lives better regardless of who you are is unrivalled and encouraging to me. Any mentee would be lucky to have mentors from MindTorch and I sincerely hope more people get to know about and utilize the great services available!'

- Ms Nonso Igwesi-Chidobe

My Mentor - Ms Carly Bedwell - has helped me in many ways; she's perfected my CV, aided my applications for work placements, helped me find work experience but most importantly I can go to her for advice as I see her as a friend not just as a mentor!

- Ms Luciana Gammallieri

MindTorch has sprung from the grass roots. It was founded by Elizabeth Adeoldun, a PhD graduate who realised how little career mentoring she, and too many other, graduates received during the course of their studies. The rapidity with which she has attracted professionals to volunteer as mentors, and students from diverse institutions and courses, to launch MindTorch is eloquent testimony to how badly this initiative is needed in our universities

- Professor Roger Morris, King’s College London

I've found MindTorch to be an exemplary company because they genuinely care. It's difficult, especially as a final year science student, to juggle everything that is expected of you . My MindTorch mentor - Dr Carl Spickett - has helped me to ensure that, whether I pursue a MSc, a PhD or graduate schemes, I'm well informed and able to take advantage of opportunities as they pop up

- Alex Lathbridge – Final year Life Science Student