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Benefits for Mentors

                                  Benefits for Mentors


Our favourite quote at MindTorch is that – ‘everybody needs a mentor’. As a Mentor you are a hero(ine) and a great resource in motivating, supporting, challenging and inspiring your mentee. This may sound like a tall order; however, there are several benefits for you in a mentoring relationship.


                                                  Get a break from stressful responsibilities and duties


As seasoned professionals, you are usually very busy. However, most mentors are happy to assist a mentee as a break from their normal daily routine.


                                                 Create a reflective space within your schedule


As a mentor, you get to reflect on your past choices whether they were right or wrong. In this role, your mentee may ask questions that may not have occurred to you in the past. This creates a refreshing opportunity to reflect on past decisions you made that led you to your current position.


                                                  Be infected with enthusiasm!


We know that enthusiasm is contagious. A motivated, enthusiastic mentee with an optimistic outlook on his or her career and future will definitely transfer the ‘bug’. This type of positive energy is bound to be infectious!

                                                  Improve your own skill sets – learning experience


Although your mentee plays the role of an enthusiastic learner, mentees also share their different perspective and knowledge. For this reason, with an open mind you can learn from a young person that has a heightened exposure to technology and modern tools that are very effective in dealing with work and life. This is an opportunity to challenge and be challenged.

                                                                          Pay it forward


This is an excellent way to give back to society, as well as honour people that have helped you along your own career path. And think of it this way – you’re helping mould a future leader and scientist. Most mentors value the sense of accomplishment and pride that go hand in hand with making a difference in someone else’ life.


Mentorships typically last between six, nine and twelve months. No matter the role you play – mentor, mentee or both; you will benefit by being a part of a great initiative geared at moulding the future of science.

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Benefits of a Mentor

  • Get a break from stressful responsibilities and duties

  • Create a reflective space within your schedule

  • Be infected with enthusiasm

  • Improve your own skill set - learning experience

  • Pay it forward

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