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Benefits for Mentees

In his 2004a article, Clutterbuck went as far as saying ‘I have yet to find anyone who is self-sufficient enough not to benefit from a mentor at some point in his or her life’. Mentoring can provide an avenue to develop one’s career path, or simply to develop an understanding of the requirements to get into a field of interest. Mentoring an opportunity for knowledge transfer, in addition to shared growth for both parties involved. 


You have the sole responsibility of driving the mentoring relationship. You play the role of a willing participant and learner where you can leverage the knowledge, experience and expertise on MindTorch’s platform.


Learn about different career paths

Explore alternative roles and career paths. Some of these paths may be a great fit, but others may not. At MindTorch, we facilitate this process for you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of potential career moves, before making an informed decision – which is priceless – and prevent you from making costly mistakes. Mentoring gives you a chance to discuss your ideals, and put theory into practice.

Increase confidence and self-awareness

You set the pace and direction of the mentoring relationship. Your mentor may assist in the goal-setting process by helping you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This  is extremely valuable, because you will be able to see how others view you, compared to how you view yourself; giving you an opportunity to learn and improve. Ultimately, you get used to receiving feedback from others, and deciding how to deal with it to propel you to your ideal person. Our mentors are genuinely interested in developing your confidence through motivation, support and inspiration; to help you work through strategies to manage relationships with other people.

Expand professional and personal networks

Mentors have developed an awareness and network over the years – from their university days through to their professional years; and may direct their mentee to knowledgeable professionals inside or outside their current industry and/or field.
Developing these essential networks from an early stage is an integral part of getting on the right path, and securing the next opportunity (who you know is just as important as what you know).


Improve skill sets

As a Mentee you learn to communicate with others in more senior positions, as well as gaining confidence in dealing with people from unfamiliar backgrounds.


Gain support while you study

Sometimes it helps to have an objective person act as a ‘conscience and a guide’ when making important decisions. It may be difficult to talk to your tutor or friends about specific issues regarding your career. It is also helpful to know that Issues discussed with your mentor are usually confidential, and mentors provide a secure environment to talk about difficult situations, and brainstorm creative solutions.


We will offer you, and your mentor continuous support throughout the relationship and thereafter. Email us –


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Benefits of a Mentee

  • Learn about different career paths

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness

  • Expand professional and personal networks

  • Improve skill sets

  • Gain support while you study

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