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Hello colleagues. I joined mindtorch 30s after I found what is it about, just because I want to help budding scientists to trespass the minefield of an academic career, which nevertheless is the most credible and amazing professional option for human beings! This is what I try to do with my graduate and postgraduate students each year. Teach proper, old-fashioned scientific method and inquiry and help them go through the labyrinth of contemporary academic research. A bit about me: I am a very knowledgeable biochemist, cell biologist & proteomics expert. Mainly interested in tissue responses to injury, especially the interplay between inflammation & extracellular matrix remodelling. I love dissecting molecular mechanisms involving ligands, pathways, transcription factors & regulation of gene expression. Main hobby is analysis of high-throughput data using gene/protein interaction networks. I also love science writing & editing and freelance special projects from time to time! I have authored & coauthored 20 papers since completing my PhD in 2008.