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Lord Sugar’s “The Apprentice” come to MindTorch

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  • June 10, 2014

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TorchTalks 04 June 2014

Beyond Science: Medical or Scientific careers that springboard to diverse areas of research and industry

Our second serving of TorchTalks last week opened with Ricky Martin, Biochemist, and Winner of Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice 2012 and his inspiring talk about breaking academic barriers and seizing opportunities to success.

The stunning view of The Shard and The Tower of London from the 30th floor Guy’s Hospital venue was not enough to distract from our Speakers as they shared with us their most motivating experiences, their greatest challenges to success and their ways of dealing with these challenges.

Expertly hosted by popular financial journalist and comedienne, Ms. Jasmine Birtles, the seminar also heard from the leading Ultrapreneurship guru, Mr. Julian Hall; Medical Doctor turned Science Writer, Dr. Stuart Farrimond and Pharmaceutical Innovator, Professor Clive Page as well as Technology Entrepreneur, Mr. Ripul Agarwal.

While Ricky and Julian attributed much of their success to finding what they were passionate about and doing it well, Ripul spoke about breaking patterns and doing things differently to create S(u)ave. The Real Doctor Stu, Founder of Guru magazine stressed on the value of communicating well and inspired our young audience to start writing about things that they find exciting. The evening ended with Professor Clive Page telling us about how he created his own stepping stones to create a successful pharmaceutical venture and describing his own exceptional academic career as “getting my degree and having fun with it”.

In keeping with the theme of the day, we heard our Speakers talk about their backgrounds, their connections with science and technology, their drive and motivation to try something new and their journey to the top. The overwhelming emphasis in these talks was the importance of curiosity, serendipity and courage to act regardless of fear.

At the post-seminar networking, overlooking the river, our speakers shared one more piece of ancient wisdom with us and our guests: meeting new people, networking and finding the right mentors – essential facets to a successful career.








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