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moulding the future of science, one student at a time

MindTorch -; fondly called “the” for Scientists, Doctors, Pharmaceutical experts and Health professionals. MindTorch has a vision to provide healthcare solutions for patient problems through collaboration across fields and institutions.

We provide a platform for your professional expedition, by empowering students and professionals within the health, life sciences and medical sectors; through knowledge sharing, guidance and inspiration on your journey to success.

We believe that mentoring and guidance are as important to success as academic excellence. Consequently, it is paramount to learn from professionals within an industry of your interest, in order to make the right career decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Getting your own mentor is key to your success, and our aim is to facilitate this process.

Support from the MindTorch community, will be invaluable in helping members aspire and reach for their career goals.

Elizabeth Adelodun, PhD

Neuroscientist & Founder, MindTorch

Moulding the future of Science:
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