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About MindTorch

MindTorch® is a not-for-profit organisation that helps Life Science and Medical students (at various stages of their university education) gain insight and expertise from Mentors to achieve their career aspirations.

Mentors from the Scientific, Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical industries (as well as alternative careers e.g. Consultants, Patent Attorneys and Finance experts) – ‘pay it forward’ by sharing their knowledge, insight and experience with Life Science and Medical students while fostering collaborative relationships.


 Our Vision


We believe that through collaboration between Professionals and Leaders – across educational, medical and innovative institutions– we will find innovative healthcare solutions to patient problems while sharing knowledge through mentoring. 


    Our Mission


Through knowledge sharing and mentoring, we help Life Science and Medical students on their journey to carve successful career paths across scientific and medical disciplines and beyond. Also, we create avenues for translational collaborations between Doctors, Scientists and Pharmaceutical experts.


Our Team


MindTorch is brought to you by a small team with a wealth of knowledge to share. We know what you are going through, because we have been there! We are recent graduates ourselves, and we navigated the sometimes murky waters of building a career in science.

​You are not alone in your quest to learn, and we are supported by Advisors, Mentors and Volunteer representatives across educational, medical and innovative organizations across the UK. 

Meet us all on our team page.